Infrastructure PlanningInfrastructure Planning 

Determining the right amount to spend on hardware and software needs can be a challenge. A smaller organization's needs are not great in the beginning, but what about growth? How do you determine how much to purchase now versus later? Is it cheaper to buy it all up front or can you save more by expanding later? NeoMaverick can help determine the best course of action for your organization's infrastructure plan.

  • Growth Modeling - Understanding your organizational growth plans and how they affect your technology needs now and in the future is a key part of managing your technology costs. NeoMaverick can help determine how your growth will affect your technology needs and lay out a plan that allows technology to keep pace with your company's needs.
  • Capacity Management - Determining how much file storage a company needs sounds simple but it can get complicated quickly without the right policy and implementation around it. NeoMaverick can help you define the appropriate policies for storage such as retention schedules and personal space usage. We will then help you determine the best way to manage the storage plan to prevent unnecessary storage increases or policy abuses. We can also help determine the right solution for your storage needs such as offsite storage or network storage options.
  • Email Systems - Email is the lifeblood of communications in our world today. It can also be a point of frustration for many organizations. How do I control spam? What level of storage limits do I place on my employees, if any? Should I have my email hosted elsewhere or bring it in house? NeoMaverick will work with you to look at the organizational and cultural makeup of your company as well as the productivity workflows within your business model to help define the best plan for managing your email systems.
  • File and Document Management Systems - Having a place to "dump" your files may be good enough when your organization is small. However, as an organization grows, file and document management become more important to organize information and improve business productivity and workflow. In many organizations, people use email to share and even store business documents. Not only does this place an unnecessary strain on your email system, it is a very inefficient way to manage documents. NeoMaverick will look at your organization's business model and workflows to define the appropriate technology solutions that will maximize the storage, retrieval, sharing and security of all of your documents.
  • Network Planning - Network management is one area in which most companies struggle. Setting up a simple network is not difficult but a simple network can cause problems for a growing organization. More rich services and content on the Internet are causing our bandwidth needs to increase year over year. As you add more employees and applications of your own within the organization, your network traffic increases in both volume and complexity. Add the need for security on top of this, and your simple network has quickly become highly complex. NeoMaverick will help you define what your current network needs are and define an appropriate solution that solves your immediate needs while staying open for expansion in the future. We can help you with your LAN, WAN and wireless needs as well as help you create solutions for telecommuters.