Strategic ManagementStrategic Management 

Many companies treat technology as a necessary tool to get tasks done but many fail to realize that technology can be an enabler to success. NeoMaverick can help your company use technology to maximize your company's potential while reducing costs. Aligning a strong technology strategy with your business plan positions technology as an enabler rather than just a tool.

  • Technology and Application Selection - As your business grows, your technology needs will change. We can help you determine which technologies are available to solve your business needs as well as how to leverage your existing technology to reduce costs and complexity in your company.
  • Technology Roadmaps - Many companies' technology needs start out small and low cost. However, over time, as your company grows, technology costs tend to increase. We can help you determine the right plan for your technology needs now and in the long term. We help you maximize your use of technology so you reduce your costs over time by helping you select the right technology at the right time. This could mean buying smaller, cheaper technology in the beginning with a plan to replace it as you grow or determining the right scalable solution up front to reduce replacement costs down the road.
  • Technology Policies and Procedures - Even small organizations are held to certain compliance standards that can be daunting to those that have never managed technology. Compliance issues such as PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA can create big headaches when managing your technology. NeoMaverick can help alleviate these pressures by working with you to create policies and procedures across the organization that will ensure you maintain compliance. Even if you are not concerned about compliance issues, good policies and procedures help an IT organization run more smoothly and you will have fewer issues as your organization grows.
  • Development Life Cycle - Often, companies need custom development to solve specific needs. However, many companies do not know where to start and how to maintain it when completed. Many times, contract firms will develop a system and hand it over to you. Later you want additional changes made to the application but the original developer is not available. Who do you call? How will the new contractor access the system? Who owns the code? Where is it stored and managed? We can provide you with a plan and model that will answer all of these questions and identify the right development technologies for your organization.