Information SecurityInformation Security 

Your company maintains sensitive information about your customers, partners, and employees. Are you taking steps to protect this information? Having this information fall into the wrong hands could create a number of problems for you and your company from lost revenue, fines, and legal fees. NeoMaverick can help you safeguard your information and how you use it.

  • Network Security - We can help you determine whether you have the right security measures in place for your size of network and the type of information you want to protect. We can help you decide which new technologies to introduce and how to measure your security profile and risk as your grow.
  • Web Site Security - Many companies do not realize that their web sites and web applications can be vulnerable to attacks. The attackers can destroy information and hijack a web site or steal your valuable information from your applications. We can help you determine the risks that exist within your web sites and web applications and determine an action plan for correcting them.
  • Physical Security - Managing the physical information is as important as your electronic security management plan. Paper documents, CDs, and USB flash drives are critical to your business processes but you should have a plan in place to manage and secure them as well.
  • Email and IM Security - Email security is not just limited to reducing spam. We can help you identify the risks and how to implement technology and policies to reduce security threats with communication technologies.
  • Infrastructure Security - We can help you secure all of your servers and desktops with the appropriate technology and techniques to ensure the safety and security of your information on these systems.
  • Employee Security Awareness Training - All of the technology security in the world does no good if your employees do not know how to work in a safe and secure manner. We can train your organization about security best-practices, what to look out for, and how to prevent security breaches.
  • Security Breach Management - Even with all the security measures in place, you should still have a plan on how to react if a security breach occurs. We can help you with a plan and checklist to follow as well as provide you with consulting during an event to determine the best course of action.