DR PlanningDisaster Recovery Planning 

Thankfully, disasters do not occur often. However, that leads many organizations to place disaster planning as a low priority. Unfortunately, when disasters hit small businesses (and in some cases larger ones as well) they end up going out of business. NeoMaverick can help you build your disaster recovery and business continuity plans to prevent this from happening to your organization. 

  • Systems Recovery Planning - Technology systems are critical to the operation of business. NeoMaverick will help you determine the right level of backup and recovery for your systems to ensure they are recovered in the appropriate amount of time to minimize your losses.
  • Business Continuity Planning - After a disaster hits, ensuring your technology systems are available means nothing if your employees are not able to run your business. Many business processes still rely on people interacting with other people. If they are not available during a disaster or the communication channels are broken, how will your organization respond? NeoMaverick will help you take a close look at your business processes to determine how to recover them in the event of a disaster. We can also help find ways to alter or automate them to reduce the level of risk they present. Having a solid business continuity plan during a disaster can provide you with a strategic advantage over your competition during these challenges.