Welcome to NeoMaverick

NeoMaverick is a technology services company with a strong focus toward helping the small business community. We understand the needs of small businesses from one employee up to several hundred. We understand that each company is different, whether it's the unique industry you are in or specific technology challenges you are facing as your company grows.

Any consulting company can provide cookie-cutter solutions that don't really help you in the long run. At NeoMaverick, we take the time to understand your unique situation and provide tailored solutions that not only meet your needs, but also keep in mind cost, support and the future growth of your company.

Office 365 Consulting

Office 365Office 365 is Microsoft's new offering to help SMBs reduce their technology complexity, overhead and costs while providing customers with a set of tools otherwise reserved for larger companies with bigger budgets. Office 365 allows customers to run their email and access their information and documents in the cloud as well as collaborate with other users via chat and video conferencing. Employees are connected to all the important information no matter where they are located, even while on the road. Sophisticated applications meeting the needs of most small businesses in any industry can easily be built using the Office 365 system.

We understand Office 365 and all it has to offer. We can help you with setting up Office 365 for your organization or extending it to maximize your potential.

Security Awareness Training Courses

Security PresentationWe often hear concerns from customers about security of information and other company assets. While NeoMaverick can help you to secure your technology, the biggest gap in security management faced by many companies is the security awareness of their people.

We  compiled information from various security lectures we have conducted in the past and combine it all into a concise course aimed at non-technical people. The course educates employees on the risks at the workplace and how to look out for them. It also helps them to apply these practices in their personal lives to protect them at home as well.

The course is tailored to the specifics of your company based on your technology, facilities and industry. So you can be sure you are getting targeted and appropriate training for your personnel.

Small Business Startup Consulting

Startup ConsultingStarting up a new business can be a challenge. NeoMaverick has worked with small businesses and understands the concerns and challenges facing all new business owners. We can provide you with tailored consulting to help you get the technology side of your business running smoothly. It's like having a CIO on your staff helping you plan and make the hard technology decisions. We understand that controlling costs is a critical concern of a startup company. We will help you identify creative ways to help your company take advantage of technology with little or no cost and develop a plan for technology growth as your company becomes more established.